JVM 1.5 Open Source

September 10, 2007 at 9:59 am (Compilers and Virtual Machines, Java, Uncategorized)

In the last year, I got the opportunity to work on virtual machine for java. As mentioned, it is really hard to compile the code for proceeding on to the work. The source code needs a lots of specified preinstallations for making every part of it compiled. This includes gcc, gnumake, alsa, etc. Another problem arises in getting the matching specifications available. So, the next way is to parse through the make files. (Make files hold the key to the compilation flow and specifications). The make files of deploy, comtrol and j2se modules hold the specifications callings. So, we can change the specifications as per our requirements. There is a risk of upcoming errors because of this but they are less hazardous then these..

It takes 6-8 hrs for compilation of code on a linux machine with good configuration.

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