Breaking Windows Password

September 11, 2007 at 5:03 am (Operating Systems, Security)

1 Make sure that the computer is shut down.

2 Start the computer.

3 Continuously press ‘F8’ until a new screen shows up

4 Select anything that has the words “command prompt” or “DOS” in it. Do not use safe mode unless every choice that says “command prompt” or “DOS” involves starting up safe mode. (See Tips)

5 Type cd\

6 Type cd documents and settings

7 Type dir

8 Choose the username that you’d like to change the password.

9 Type net user (here type the username that you want to change) *

Example: net user BOB *

10 Type the new password.

11 Retype the password.

12 Restart the computer normally. You can do this by typing “shutdown -r” (no quotations.) Your new password should be active.

You can even use this thing if you are logged in as an administrator. Then open cmd prompt and type net user <username>*. 🙂

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