RSA encyption using Java

September 11, 2007 at 4:03 am (Java, languages, Security)

The most difficult implementation faced Java Cryptographic Extension comes in asymmetric key algorithms. The problem is to generate a key and use them after distribution. The answer to the question is to make the keys persistent as soon as they are generated in separate files. Once files for all the (public and private) keys are made, our issue gets over. Doing this is not a simple job because key generation comes from a lots of hidden packages. Attached here are examples of asymmetric key generation and their use.

Key generation Key generator

Encryption RSA Encryption


  1. EriicL said,

    Although I have a MS in computer science and the last time I haven’t did anything remotely related to it since 02, I found the example of a key generator program understandable considering the rust I have on my java and java script expertise. I found the program for RSA Encryption. highly understandable and well commented. I guess students have not as of yet fallen into the messiness of professionalism.

  2. soul_krasty said,

    thanks for the rsa..

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