Microsoft Interview Questions

September 13, 2007 at 11:13 am (Uncategorized)

I got a chance to face microsoft interviews in this placement session. The procedure had 4 rounds. First two for judging coding aptitude and rest were technical and HR which varied person to person.

First Round-

There were four questions two for programming, one for finding and correcting bugs and one for tracing output.

1. Convert a binary search tree to a doubly link list without using any external/other data structure.

2. You are given a string sequence and program need to output the number of times consecutive character sequences happen for increasing sequence length. eg. aabbababbd has 2 sequences as a followed by a, b followed by b. The for sequence length 2,  ab followed by ab at 5th position. This is to be coded in minimum complexity.

Second Round –

This round also sticked to the coding capabilities but they were more interested in the efficiency of the code this time.

1. Given a 2 dimensional array with rows sorted from left to right and columns sorted from top to bottom. The challenge was to get the location of an element in O(n) time.

2. Given a square board (like chess board) and you need to code for getting all possible squares there in O(nlogn) time complexity.

3. Question was to track the bugs from a program that I dont remember 😦

4. Given 2 sorted linked lists A and B and we need to reduce it to A-B without any external data structure in a given complexity. (It seems to be simple but reducing it in O(logn) complexity is challenging)

Third and Fourth Round

Third round had a core technical starting from the resume information to another set of algorithm design questions. HR was a usual HR.

Unfortunately, I missed but all the best for you… 🙂

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  1. Ankush Acharya said,

    I hope…this will someday definitely help me out….God knows…!!!!

    neways…..congrats for the new blog and keep posting !!!!

    U Rock !!

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