Secure Your Call Identity Using Jaxtr

September 20, 2007 at 7:03 am (Gadgets, Security)

Sometimes blocking and barring calls don’t give you freeness from being socially secure. People chose to change contact numbers that creates much more havoc.

Here is an alternative method that links your physical contact with a digital personality. That means your identity is not disclosed even when somebody talks to you.

Note – doesn’t need you to have headphone

Jaxtr Gadget

How it works – Registered Jaxtr users are given a gadget that they can post anywhere (blog, webpage etc.) The person willing to call need to feed his own number in that and identity. Jaxtr calls the person who tried this thing, when he receives, the required person is called and the line is connected.

It even provides you options for barring and fixed calling. Local rates apply for the process and the service is free of cost..

So follow the adjacent link and get going..
Even jaxtr provide some extent of free calling within jaxtr users..

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