Create Shortcuts For Shutdown and Rebooting

September 26, 2007 at 5:33 pm (Operating Systems, Tips n Tricks)

Shutting down and rebooting are a way long process. Here is a trick that can help you. Right click produces a option to create a shortcut. In the option of setting the link, type shutdown and finish the process. You get an icon to shutdown your PC. If you want to restart, type shutdown -r -t 01 -c “Rebooting your PC” This will reboot with prompting of message in quotes at that time. Here are more options for the same job.. 🙂


What it does


Shuts down the PC.


Logs off the current user.

-t nn

Indicates the duration of delay, in seconds, before performing the action.

-c messagetext

Displays a message in the System Shutdown window. A maximum of 127 characters can be used. The message must be enclosed in quotation marks.


Forces any running applications to shut down.


Reboots the PC.

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