Ergonomic Keyboard

September 28, 2007 at 3:34 am (Hardware, New Technologies)

With all the keyboards out there that try so hard to figure out what’s ergonomic for you- and fall- It’s no surprise that someone finally had a brainwave and decided to let you decide what’s comfortable for you. Presenting the Ergodex DX1, a keyboard that comes with 25 keys that can be placed anywhere at any angle you like, in any sequence you like. If you find that you want to move a particular key, kust a tad to the left.. move it. The keys, numbered 1 to 25, have no wires, or any type of batteries.

You can record pre-defined macros per key, on the fly, and make your own macros. There are four basic types of macros to choose from: Single key, multi-key, text blocks and a file launcher. All this management is made easier by the Ergodex Manager software that’s bundled. If yu want to, you can replace your keyboard with this masterpiece, but it is recommended to use it for special tasks only! It costs 200$ for the total package, which is worth every paisa. 😀


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