Encrypting Files In Windows XP

October 2, 2007 at 2:49 am (Operating Systems, Security)

Windows XP supports an asymmetric key encryption which is collaborated with the working of NTFS file system. This makes the process of encryption extremely efficient and transparent.

The file/ folder is encrypted using public key and can be opened with only private key of the same pair. Since, user is not taken as aware of these techniques, the process is made transparent to user. Where keys are made automatically and encryption and decryption happens on simple key. There is absolutely no need to maintain keys.

You may think if I dont remember key than what is the use of encrypting… The answer is the file will not be available to any other instance of the operating system. This is good when you are on a network.


Goto the folder you want to encrypt and make a right click.

Go to properties and select Advanced from General tab.

There is a check box asking for encryption process, check it.

The color of your folder will be changed if it is done.

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