Harsh Maheshwari

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Hi !! I m the author of this blog. I am a computer science passionate who did his BE in CS from MITM, Indore and ME from BITS, Pilani. I m posting here the things that are simple to understand and sounds interesting. So, I will be delighted if it comes worth to you some day 🙂




  1. abhishek said,

    harsh bhai mast page banaya hai… gr8 lage raho…

  2. dilip kumar maheshwari said,

    Visited this site for first time. Excellent work. Congrats

  3. Alehandro said,

    Hello, My name is alehandro. I am looking for assistance in writing a java program which implements :
    • Two principals A and B
    • An Authentication Server
    Two scenarios should be coded. In each instance separate processes should be
    established to execute on separate machines using TCP or UDP:
    • Mutual authentication and key exchange based on the use of the
    Authentication Server (where each of the principals A and B share a
    master key with the AS).
    • Mutual authentication and key exchange based on the use of Public Keys,
    where A and B each have a public and private key pair. You may assume
    that the public key of the other party is available locally on a “public key”
    ring / store.

    I will appreciate any assistance offered. Regards.


  4. Buddhi Raj Singh said,

    pretty usefull informations have beeen shared by you friend.
    Thanx fot the info………..!!!

    Keep it up !!

  5. Buddhi Raj Singh said,

    briliant work done!!!

    keep it up……….(best wishes)

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